Monday, October 25, 2010

A little project!

In my day job, I teach painting to teenagers, which can be difficult work at the best of times, and even more tricky when I'm having a particularly clumsy day! I had one such day very recently, when I spattered red paint down the front of one of my favourite tops. Argh! I spend so long telling the kids to be careful, I often forget to do so myself. So, as a result, I was left with a really tough stain that just wouldn't budge. It was acrylic paint, which is especially hard to get out of fabric.

I really didn't want to have to give up on wearing my stripey top, so I decided to cover up the stain instead of removing it, and with my favourite craft supplies: buttons! I have lots of black buttons that aren't suitable for jewellery making, so I gathered up a selection of pretty ones and laid them out in a pattern that would decorate the neckline and cover that stain. I sewed each one on very securely in its assigned place, and in just 30 minutes I had a very cute button embellished top, ready to wear again! Yay!

I'll definitely do something like this to some other things in my wardrobe, whether they have a stain or not it's a nice way to add an individual touch to any item of clothing! Do you have any ideas for personalising or decorating clothes? Or getting rid of paint stains? Let me know ;)


  1. How crafty of you Beth..brilliant idea...much better than any stain remover.

  2. I thought so too Andrea! Though I'd better not get carried away or every stained napkin and tablecloth will be covered in buttons too ;)

  3. great idea, I'm into bows at the moment, so that would have been lovely, a medium size gros grain navy bow or satin, or white polka dot on navy ribbon...what do you think? smiles, Virginie

  4. I love this!!! I'm sending you LOTS of my clothes to revamp!!! ha ha!!!:)x

  5. Virginie I love your idea! I've got a thing for bows lately too, I've been adding them to bits of jewellery and into my hair :) Now I think I'll try a grosgrain bow on a little polkadot top I've been meaning to update. Thanks!

    And Rebecca, any time! Or send me your buttons if you want them made into jewellery x

  6. Aww cute:)!! And great idea for covering up the stain:)!!



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