Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Etsian serendipity

 I've sometimes met people who had previously been unknown to me aside from an "online" alias, whether it's being introduced to a friend of a friend I've already encountered on facebook, or meeting with up the talented members of the Etsy craftyirelandteam.

Very recently I've had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Etsian, Lisa Falzon, also known as Meluseena. Since I started my own Etsy shop in 2009, I have admired Meluseena's gorgeous art work, and had featured it in both my own and the craftyirelandteam blog. Earlier this year my sister Ruth secretly commissioned a special painting of "Snow White and Rose Red" by Meluseena for my 30th birthday, and I absolutely love it! It was the perfect present.

In the completely Etsy free side of my life, I joined Cork's roller derby league this month (the fabulous Rebel County Rollers), and on my first day of training I was introduced to Lisa, who I immediately recognised as Meluseena herself! How exciting! I am delighted to make a real life link with yet another Etsy artist, and especially glad that Lisa is just such a lovely person to know :) She even brought me a little present at training on Sunday, which is a beautiful pendant printed with the Snow White and Rose Red picture. How thoughtful!

So, I just want to say a big thank you to Lisa/Meluseena for the gift, and also invite you all to take a look at her amazing Etsy shop. Here are some gorgeous examples of original work by this talented artist.

The Peckish Moon large print
Queen Elizabeth cuff bracelet
Ann Boleyn pocket art mirror
Jumpin Jack Me lustre print


  1. I've got a print from Lisa too and adore it. It's the one of Marie Antoinette as a child. I'd love to get a new one soon ^_^ Virginie

  2. I love her work so much, I think it will have to be on my wish list for xmas!!
    I can't believe how nice that was of your sister and also of Lisa to give you the pendant it's beautiful....also how kick ass are you doing roller derby???!?

  3. Oh Virginie I love that one, gorgeous!
    Ruth I think I'll be making a collection of them so there'll be one on my Santa list too :)
    Oh, and yep roller derby is pretty kick ass alright, I never thought I'd be into savage skating and showing off bruises like badges of honour, but I love it!


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