Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I can't wait for Halloween this Saturday. This year we'll have our sixth annual costume party!

We've been gathering decorations and making our costumes for weeks now, and the invitations have all been sent out. Every year, people make more and more effort with costumes, so this year is going to be fantastic! Alot of people will make their outfits, or cobble together bought and found bits and pieces to come up with something great. Or creepy. Or hilarious. Or downright terrifying!

We also usually have a themed cocktail or punch, and this year the drink of the night will HAVE to be Tru:Blood! Ruth and I have been researching the right bottles to use and I'm going to print out the label templates I found here. Yay! We're making a mixture of raspberry vodka, grape juice, cherryade and red food colouring. Mmmm. I'll post pictures when we have it made and bottled.

Now, back to the costumes! I'm Snow White this year, and my costume is just about finished. My mom and Ruth pretty much made the dress for me, and I've sourced and made all my accessories. (The perfect black wig; red hairbow; blue princess shoes; a lil bluebird to perch on my finger; and of course a flawless red apple)

I have to figure out the best way to create the doe eyes, innocent face though! I think the makeup is really important fo bring the elements of a costume together! This is the look I'll practice tonight - I think it could work really well :)

The last thing I need to do is make some cute apple themed jewellery for myself. I'd love to find a red enamel apple charm that I could use in either earrings or a pendant. If not, I do have some juicy little red beads that will look sweet put with a little silver bow, or maybe some blue crystals to match in with the colours of the dress. I was also thinking of making a little detail for the fronts of my shoes, either beaded or just a fabric bow. Pretty pretty pretty!
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