Friday, August 27, 2010

I know it's only August, but...

Ok so Halloween is still two months away, but won't be long coming, believe me! I must admit I have already started to think about this year's costume, but I haven't made anything yet as I'm torn between two ideas.

What about you? Do any of you already have plans for this year? A costume you've always wanted to do, a party you're having, a special event you're going to?

And the most important question... what will you dress up as?


  1. I predict Sue Sylvester (the tyrannical cheer leading coach from Glee) will be a big one this year! If I was 6ft and blonde, its who I'd go as at least!

  2. I'm genuinely considering dressing up as a giant button!
    I like the Sue Sylvester idea mentioned above. What a comfy costume that will be, plus you'd get to yell insults and sarcastic quips at people all night :p

  3. Ooh I havent even thought about it yet:)!! Do tell us what your going to be:)!


  4. I wish I'd though of Sue Sylvester, if even just for the comfort factor! I'm trying to decide between Cleopatra (all-out Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra that is) and the Mad Hatter. I have ideas for both so I'm not sure... any ideas ladies?

  5. Hi Beth, I was wondering how you put the fab 5 fridays pictures together?? smiles, Virginie
    Oh and now following your blog! ;)

  6. Hi Virginie!
    Delighted to have a new follower - thanks :)

    I use Photoshop to put all the Fab Five pics together, and to do my own photo posts here.

    Once I've found and saved the Fab Five photos, I choose a frame or background that suits the theme, place that into a Photoshop document, and place the photos on it, each on their own layer. Then I add the text for shop names, flatten the image to one layer, save it as a jpeg and insert the whole thing as a single picture on the blog post.

    Oh, and if you don't have Photoshop, you can get a free application called GIMP online. It's pretty similar.

    I hope all of that makes sense to you. If not let me know and I'll do a "how to" for you :)

  7. Thanks Beth! Yeah, the layers and all, it kinda makes sense cos I already use the Gimp but definitely don't use it to the full...I actually meant to do a bit of digital scrapbooking...But if you ever make a tutorial, that'd be great!! ^_^


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