Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tea time!

Earlier this week I went with my Dad to help him clear out some things from my late Granduncle's house in East Cork. We found some really interesting bits and pieces, from Uncle Steve's RAF memorabilia to his old binoculars, and hand knitted dolls made by his wife May, along with some mutant spiders and alot of dust!

One thing we came across was a very pretty china teaset, which Dad later said I could have if I liked. I was delighted as it really reminded me of going for Sunday tea at May and Steve's when we were small :)
So, I wrapped it in plastic, took it home and carefully cleaned up the cups, saucers, plates, jug and sugarbowl, and now I think it's the prettiest teaset I've ever seen!

Apart from a small crack in the sugarbowl, it's all perfect, and the bright turquoise and pink pattern is really vibrant. Even the gold edges on each piece are all intact. I want to display it on the shelves in our little sitting room, but I can't wait to actually serve use it first. Tea, my dear? And sugar? One lump or two?

How cute would these plates look filled with French fancies, cucumber sandwiches or macaroons?!  I'll have to have some friends over for some girlie afternoon tea really soon.

Below are some gorgeous items I found on Etsy while day dreaming about the perfect Summery tea party...

Featured items:
1. Bunting by giggleberry
2. Box of Macarons by Bokolette
3. Eat Me Party Picks by vintagetwee
4. Custom Patchwork Dress by mariansmale
5. Pink n Orange Sparkly Napkin Ring by Vividhome
6. French Pink Vanilla Cupcakes by SugarPlumsCupcakery
7. Custom Handpainted Maryjanes by Puremystyc
8. Aqua Star Burst Tealight Votive by yevgenia
9. Pink Lilies Earrings by blueserendipity


  1. Tea for me please! Looks lovely in the photos but now I want some colourdey macaroons - from Paris if possible!

  2. oh can i come for some tea? gorgeous set, enjoy it!

  3. Oh wow - what a precious and gorgeous find! They absolutely need to be used to be fully enjoyed.... I'll come and help with that... and maybe bring some of my buntings along ;)

  4. You can all come for tea! I'm sure Auntie May would love to see her teaset being used again :)

  5. beth, i totally melted when i saw your beautiful teaset! the image kind of stuck on my mind, and this morning, i was looking for a vintage gravy boat, and then i saw this beauty:

    they look very similar, don't they? ♥♥♥

  6. Oh!!! It's the same set! Mine is Shelley too. That gravy boat is so cute. Well spotted :)


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