Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer jewellery

I've been gathering some really pretty buttons and beads in the past few weeks to make new Summer pieces for my Etsy shop. I love floral patterns at the moment so I've used them many of the designs. Purples seem to be featuring alot too - it can be such a Summer colour.

< Peony Button Necklace

I like to put purple with greens and blues, it's such a soft and natural combination of colours. In this button bracelet I've also included some silvery mussel shell charms as the colours of the buttons reminded me of the sea.

Shoreline Button Bracelet >

Many recent additions to my shop have been nautically themed, as it's a style I've admired in fashion lately. I've used alot of navy, white and red in other pieces, but with this necklace I've kept things simple and stuck with silver and grey. I love the cute anchor charm!

< Anchors Away Button Necklace

Button rings are some of my best sellers, and since they were the first pieces of jewellery I ever made (though the design has changed alot in 17 years since the first ones!) I love to see that people still enjoy them. They always seem to draw compliments as they're just a little bit quirky :)

Sweetpea Button Ring >

These items are all available at right now!
Of course if you'd prefer to see some jewellery 'in person', I'm having my third Magpie and Button jewellery night on Friday June 18th at Jacob's Island.

I'd love to see you there for a glass of wine and to have a browse through the jewellery. As always, bring a friend or two with you if you like. Just contact me for more details!


  1. The peony necklace is definitely my favourite! But will wait for the jewellery party and hope it is still there :)

  2. The peony necklace is fab also love the shoreline button bracelet. Lovely items you have here.


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