Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Party

Wow, what a great party!

We had over 25 people in the end, which was perfect! Everyone made a great effort with costumes, and there was a huge variety. We ended up with a bit of a fairytale theme, with me as Snow White, Zoe as Rapunzel, Vanessa as Red Riding Hood, Claire as Dead Riding Hood, and Conor as the wolf! Great fun.

At the last minute I got some gold heart jewellery to finish off my outfit, and accessorised with my bluebird and a sparkly apple Christmas decoration! It wasn't very tasty, and possibly was really poisonous...

I followed the makeup instructions on Michelle Phan's Youtube video exactly, and I think I got the Snow White look pretty much right. I wore red glitter lipgloss over candy red lipstick to really set of the pale skin and rosy cheeks. I did have to keep re-applying though, but it was worth it :)

We made the Tru:Blood very successfully, and though it tasted a bit like Benylin, it was pretty good! We made six bottles, labelled up to look like the real ones, and then refilled from the giant jug of mixture we'd made. It was rasperry vodka with grape juice and a dash of cherry soda. It looked perfect! Ruth also made up a tiny vial of "V juice", which was really one of her contact lens bottles filled with red food colouring. Mmmm!

Here I am making my best Snow White face! See my lil birdy?!

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